Publication Dates

List of upcoming publication dates of books I have spotted on Amazon, or being announced on Social media, that I know I want to read, or am very interested in. 

This list will hopefully help you, see what is coming out, and may make me less confused as to what is out which week, to look for in the shops!

I will try and update this frequently and please note dates are subject to change, so if you spot any that have moved please do let me know. 


23rd May
25th May
26th May
29th May
30th May
31st May
1st June
2nd June
5th June
7th June
8th June
9th June
12th June
14th June
15th June
16th June
20th June
21st June
23rd June
27th June
28th June
29th June
30th June
1st July
3rd July
5th July
7th July
11th July
12th July
13th July
14th July
15th July
17th July
19th July
20th July
21st July
27th July
10th August
24th August
28th August
30th August
1st September
7th September
8th September
10th September
15th September
21st September
22nd September
2nd October
5th October
6th October
9th October
13th October
19th October
26th October
2nd November
3rd November
16th November
30th November
14th December
28th December

11th January
8th February 
22nd February 
26th July


  1. Woo hoo, two of mine on that list! (BERTIE'S GIFT: Hannah Coates and THE COLOURING BOOK CLUB: Beth Good). Now all you need is my new thriller as Jane Holland, LOCK THE DOOR, and you'll have the hat-trick! (Out January 10th.) :)

  2. Me, me! (I'm all me, aren't I?). I have pub dates for my thrillers, After She's Gone and Sins of the Father! 21st and 28th Feb. Yay! It's an impressive list already, Rachel. How are you going to fit them all on? :) xx


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